Happy Employees Bring Happy Customers

There is nothing more contagious than a mood. It is more contagious than the common cold, spreads easier germs in a Kindergarten. Happiness is infectious and there is no getting around it! Have you every walked into a restaurant or place of business and found the mood so oppressive, so cranky you have wanted to turn on your heel and run out of there?! It happens and sometimes in very well-run establishments.

They’ve neglected the happiness quotient and aren’t reinforcing in their employees the three things that drive people: 1) an assurance of success if they follow clear direction 2) ┬áreward for their labors 3) recognition and appreciation of a job well done.

Put the happiness back in the job may seem like a difficult task, but anonymous surveys inexpensively and skillfully administered can go a long way towards buoying morale. Followed by focused, attentive action planning based on the direction laid out in the surveys can make the mood of any company go from gloomy to sunny.

If you’d like to start with the customer side, we would be happy to do customer satisfaction surveys as well for you in the same purposeful, objective manner.

Soon your customers will be singing your employees praises. Employees who have learned that management cares enough to listen AND act will bolster productivity and self-esteem which they will wear on their faces in the form of smiles that can be heard over the phone and seen in person by your every customer!

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