Non-Profit Employee-Volunteer Engagement

I have worked with many non-Profit organization within my community and state.  I have held many leadership positions over the years.

When paid jobs get a priority for your volunteers, How do you motivate and engage your volunteers?
There isn’t a simple solution, but I have found that if you keep assignments short they seem to be motivated to at least sign up for a shift.

If there is a long term committee commitment, I have found that email or some type of a collaborative system works the best.   At their leisure, Volunteers can read and respond to discussions.


What about perks to get engagement?
My current role is chairing the Talent and Stage Committee for a music festival.    We handle artiest selection and the production of the show.     We are into our 3 year and I have a dedicated crew that works the whole show (12 to 16 hour).  Why?  Because of the perks.  Food, drink, and free tickets.



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