Are Web Based Employee Surveys Honest

This is a common question that we at Data Wise Business Solutions hear from time to time.     A goal of any survey is to get accurate and honest responses.    With out reliable data, it is hard to determine what to implement in your action planning.

The answer is Yes.

Employees will give honest answers when they know that their identity is protected.    If employees don’t trust the survey process, you will see data distribution is very neutral.

Are web based surveys any more anonymous then paper?     The answer is yes.

For a web based survey, communications go from survey provider directly to the participant.    With paper, many people can touch it.    A more costly paper solution would to directly mail the survey to the employee’s home address.

Should a company host their own survey using a one of the free survey web hosting like surveymonkey?      Well the answer to that does get people to argue for each side.      We say Yes.

We at Data Wise believe you will get better responses if you use an external company.  We are in the business, so you would expect that statement from us shouldn’t you?   Well, we have seen it when clients go from internal to external they do get better participation and better responses.   Employees seem to not trust HR when they host a survey.

One last thing to think about.   If you need to report responses based on department.   How do you collect what department they work in?    Survey Question?    How does the individual response get protected?     An internal survey, the HR administrator will see all responses.   An external survey,   reporting is aggregated (summarized).

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