Are Your Employees Happy?

  Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James

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Are Your Employees Happy?

It’s important to know for three reasons:

1. It’s very expensive to lose an employee. Employee turnover in the U.S. is low at the present time, but that will change when the economy improves. And the facts are that the cost of losing an employee costs a company between 25-250 percent of his annual income.

2. Unhappiness takes a bite out of productivity. Whoever you have on staff who is happy is getting the majority of the work done. That is a fact. Unhappy people’s productivity drops dramatically and continues to sink with their mood. If your whole company basically is in a bad mood, you could be in real trouble.

3. Unhappy employees have unreliable attendance which costs you and everyone else on their team time and money. They call in sick, take longer breaks and are late more often

Boost your Employees Happiness Quotient:

1. Employee satisfaction surveys, will measure the mood at your office. The amazing thing is that throwing money at employees is not the answer. You need to discover why your employees are unhappy and take steps to remedy their situation. Surveys conducted by an objective third party will allow them to be honest about their feelings.

2. Follow the surveys with key action planning. Responding to your employees feedback is crucial.

3. Follow through with the changes that were asked for in the surveys and bring about true organizational change.

Once you’ve listened to your employees, keep doing it. You will be surprised to discover that many people still take pride in a job well done, as much as a raise — although those are important — and a word of encouragement and validation from their manager goes a long way to making their job worthwhile.

Enjoy a happy atmosphere in your “new” company!


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