Do Employees Trust Survey Confidentiality

When conducting an employee survey, you want the most honest answers you can get.    Without honesty it is hard to determine what to do with the end results.

There are several factors to consider when polling your employees.

  1. Do your employees trust HR or Management?
  2. Do your employees think they can be identified through their responses?
  3. Do your employees trust the survey process.  Be it paper or internet?

It should be a big surprise that trust of HR or Management can be low.   We have found with working with our clients, that employees trust Management with strategic decisions but not necessary decisions when it comes to employees.

Any time an employee thinks they can be identified, they either will not participate or they will respond neutral.

How do you make an employee trust the survey will be confidential?

  • The first and easy way is not to ask employees personal information.   Never ask for Name, phone, Mail Station, and etc.   That might seem obvious, but we have seen clients that have done that.
  • Don’t ask detailed demographic information.   Example: Years served, Title, Position, Function.
  • When asking board demographic information,  make sure the number of employees in a category are more than 5.    Example:  Department, City, Country.     Remember if your Europe office only has 2 employees, do not ask what is your Country.


  • When corresponding with your employees.  Make sure it is a person that the employees trust. Receiving an email from the Evil HR Director will not instill trust.
  • Have a set of questions that are not positivity or negatively tainted.
  • Communicate as soon as possible the outcome of the survey to the employees.
  • Have a 3rd party administrator like Data Wise Business Solutions will help

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