Key to Motivating Employees

Did you know that recent studies indicate that a full 50% of the workforce is unhappy in their jobs? This does not bode well for retaining these employees as the economy improves — or for their productivity now. There is an answer for companies, even small businesses with less money to invest in their employees, yet more than ever cannot afford the cost of retraining new employees. The cost of losing an employee is very high, on average about $100,000 per employee. This cost is not something any company wants to pay when there is a good chance they can impact morale.

Motivate Your Employees:

  1. Managing individual expectations: make sure each employee knows what is expected of them, have clearly defined goals and objectives to measure performance against and don’t change it midstream.
  2. Reward each employee for meeting their objectives: Say “Thank You”. Give them a day off if they’ve been pulling some unpaid overtime. How about a gift card to a local restaurant for them and a friend or family member? None of this is expensive, but practiced regularly will build loyalty and motivate employees to work hard to please because they like you and enjoy their work.
  3. Lead well and with kindness. Keep your lip buttoned when negativity enters your mind. Negativity kills motivation and ruins workplace atmosphere. It goes a long way to putting your entire company or organization in a bad mood.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Employees like and need to know what is happening with the company, the industry, everything you feel comfortable sharing. Remember a happy company is like a family and two-way communication is essential for growth. So let them know where you stand, where they stand and listen to their ideas and concerns. They will like you better for it!
  5. Have some fun at work! Encourage laughter and goodwill by being an ambassador of both. Laugh at yourself once in a while, the whole room will join in. Allow for breaks in the day and don’t allow employees to keep their faces buried in their desks all day. Encourage collaboration, team work and positivity. It goes a long way!
  6. Survey your employees to discover what they need and want that is lacking in your company culture and ACT on the results!

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  1. I found your ideas to be to the point and spot on. When I’ve got some time later I’ll write a more in depth comment with my own opinions on the subject, but for now..good job!

    • Thanks for your comment! We appreciate your readership and would like to serve you in any way possible. Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing more from you!

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