Employee Surveys: Key To Job Happiness?

There’s a lot of talk about Happy Employees in Human Resources these days…by the very nature of the discipline. Human Resources: humans bringing resources to bear on behalf of companies. Making them profitable, making them grow, making them thrive. All companies want to thrive and many understand that if their people thrive, so will they…but how does this magic happen? Sometimes it just does…there is a synergy created between human beings and their work that becomes passion, even love. We can say then that the person is fully engaged in their job. But that happens at most studies show, maybe one third of the time. That the right person with the right talent and attitude, combined with the right duties, takes action to make them fully engaged. Often by the sheer force of these one third, some companies survive and even grow.

But what about the other two thirds of you work force? Studies show they’re simply putting in their time.

So what do we do about two thirds of the work force, many of whom are just getting by? Half perhaps at least are dreaming of a way out. They’ve caught the “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” mindset. They are definitely looking for greener pastures. Some of them, staid and depressed economy or not — they are going to make a break for it. The others are only working two hours perhaps of real work per day. This is very costly. Training new employees and replacing once seasoned workers is a big financial burden…paying employees who aren’t really working a full day is another terrific expense.

What if there was a low cost solution to this very expensive problem? There is and it has to do with engaging with your employees on the level where they live: honest discourse is your answer…but how do you accomplish honest two-way, productive communication? Survey says: Survey your employees and commit to change as a result of what they tell you!

Employees won’t survey themselves to happiness, but you as employers can affect big changes in their level of job engagement starting with a method that is tried and true: The objective 3rd party survey, conducted without judgment, analyzed by skilled survey technicians and backed up with effective action planning so the changes that are recommended by the survey data are made in the company culture and led by an inspired, committed management team.

Sound too difficult? Data Wise Business Solutions can make it happen for you and bring the other two thirds of your staff up to a level of engagement that will revolutionize your company, impact your industry and greatly impact all of your customers.

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